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Train Trip Europe

Train Trip Europe is a blog about traveling in Europe by train. Traveling by Train has many positive aspects that for most of the people are unknown. We want to show you how beautiful Europe is and how easily you can travel Europe by train.

At Train Trip Europe we want give you the best tips about what you can discover in Europe. Think about the most amazing train journeys in Europe. Read about the details of the trip, what you can see, how long it will take, where you can buy your ticket and more.

Europe has many amazing destinations that you never have probably never heard of, thats why, besides the beautiful train journeys we also want to show you special destinations that you can find in Europe.

Populair train journeys from Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an easy to access location around the world so we decided to write about interesting train journeys from Amsterdam. We will tell you the most important details about the journey, the travel time, if there is a restaurant on board, where you can buy your ticket and more.


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Amsterdam to Berlin by train

Amsterdam to Berlin by train

Leaving the canals, the tulips, the Dutch cuisine to embark on a train and after some hours be in another capital city: Berlin. The capital city of Germany is full of culture, experiences, and vibes. Amsterdam Central Station This is the main station of the city...

Amsterdam to London by train

Amsterdam to London by train

The days in Amsterdam were amazing and now it’s time to get on a train and go visit the Queen and enjoy the most cultural city in the planet - London.  The distance from Amsterdam to London is 471 km and the fastest journey by train takes 4h33. There are...

Amsterdam to Dusseldorf by train

Amsterdam to Dusseldorf by train

The days exploring the canals, eating Thick Dutch fries and Stroopwafels, wandering around the narrow streets, enjoying the nightlife are coming to an end. Hopping on a train and going to Düsseldorf in Germany is the next adventure. Amsterdam-Centraal...

Amsterdam to Cologne by train

Amsterdam to Cologne by train

Spending days biking around the city, enjoying the canals, wandering around the narrow streets and having fun nights - these are some of the things tourists may do about Amsterdam. Then, leaving the Dutch days behind, simply hopping on a train and finding...

Amsterdam to Lille by train

Amsterdam to Lille by train

After enjoying the Dutch vibe it’s time to get on a train and go to explore a little of France. The city of Lille is 232 km away from Amsterdam and Thalys operates high-speed trains for this route. Lille is the fourth biggest city of France, it is close to...

Amsterdam to Frankfurt by train

Amsterdam to Frankfurt by train

One practical and convenient advantage of Amsterdam is its location. From Amsterdam Central Station is possible to get on a train and travel to many European countries. So, after Dutch days enjoying the canals, museums, restaurants, and the nightlife is a...

What others think about traveling by train

Here some reviews what some others think about traveling by train in Europe.

Faster than traveling by plane

It was easier and faster than traveling by plane. I am traveling Europe for two months on a budget, and train travel suits me.

Accessible as well as comfortable

It is cheaper than airplane and it’s accessible as well as comfortable. - From India    

Extremely convenient

It is an extremely convenient, comfortable, and spacious way to travel. The train stations are usually quite central to the city centre. It makes it easy to get to the hotel. I also love seeing the views on the way! - From Austria