After having delightful days in Amsterdam, enjoying the canals, the nightlife, and the tulips; travelers may hop on a train and get to go to Belgium, to the city of Antwerp. It can be a trip with a high-speed train or a regular intercity one. Antwerp is the second biggest city in Belgium and it has lots of historical buildings, cultural experiences and fun attractions to offer to its visitors.

Amsterdam-Centraal Station

Amsterdam Central station is the main station of the city and it connects the visitors to pretty much everywhere because of its location. From there guided tours depart and it is where the main Tourist Office is located. The station is well-organized and trams, buses, subway, and trains are available.

How is the journey?

The distance from Amsterdam to Antwerp is 168 km. Antwerp is only 1h06m away from Amsterdam with a high-speed train that goes directly and about 2h30m with the regular intercity one that has 1 change in the border city of Roosendaal. Over the weekends and holidays, the journey may get longer.

There are 32 trains daily available and 15 of them are direct but depending on the departure time. The high-speed trains are operated by Thalys. The first train leaves at 6:17 am and the last one departs at 9:23 pm.

If the traveler chooses to stop in Roosendaal, the city is a great stop to do some shopping or visit the Museum Tongerlohuys. After that, the visitor may continue the journey to Antwerp.


Amsterdam Central Station

Antwerp central station

Distance: 168km
Travel Time: 1 hour and 06 minutes

Train Information

Thalys operates the trains to Antwerp and its trains have three classes of travel available: Standard, Comfort, and Premium. All classes have individual seats and power outlets.

Standard and Comfort tickets also offer the Thalys WelcomeBar with hot and cold drinks and a variety of snacks.

Premium tickets give access to NS International lounges in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam and Thalys lounges in Paris. During the trip, it is provided multilingual newspapers and magazines at the coach entrance and full meal options with seasonal ingredients.

The ticket prices are at a minimum of €29 for one-way trip. It is advisable to buy the tickets as early as possible to get better deals. Tickets are available for booking up to three months in advance.



Luggage room:
Reserved seats: √

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Antwerp Central Station

The Antwerp Station has four levels and 14 tracks. It has been rated one of the greatest and most beautiful train stations in the world. It provides high-speed, intercity and local services.

The station is one of the landmarks in the city and the first building travelers should pay attention to.

Arriving in Antwerp

After arriving at the station, travelers may go to their accommodation. The transportation within the city isn’t 100% efficient and delays may happen. The city center is easy to get around on foot so visitors shouldn’t be worried about it. Close to the station, there are hotels, restaurants, jewelry stores as Antwerp is well-known for its diamonds.