After enjoying the Dutch vibe it’s time to get on a train and go to explore a little of France. The city of Lille is 232 km away from Amsterdam and Thalys operates high-speed trains for this route. Lille is the fourth biggest city of France, it is close to the Belgium border and known as The Capital des Flanders”.

Amsterdam Central Station

This is the main station of the city capital. More than 250 thousand passengers are coming and going from the station. It connects the city through trams, buses, subway lines and trains. The station doesn’t offer free wi-fi but it is available in restaurants and shops. The main Tourist Office is located there and many tours have the station as its meeting and starting point.

How is the journey?

The fastest and best option for the journey is taking High-speed trains. It takes 2h40 to go from Amsterdam Central Station to the city center of Lille. Thalys operates this route and there are no problems with changes on the way.

Amsterdam Central Station

Lillie Europe train station

Distance: 232km
Travel Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes

Train Information

Thalys have three classes of travel available in its trains: Standard, Comfort, and Premium. All classes have individual seats and power outlets.

Standard and Comfort tickets also offer the Thalys WelcomeBar with hot and cold drinks and a variety of snacks. Premium tickets give access to NS International lounges in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam. During the trip, it is provided multilingual newspapers and magazines at the coach entrance and full meal options with seasonal ingredients.

The ticket prices start at €29 for the one-way trip. It is advisable to buy the tickets as early as possible to get better deals. Tickets are available for booking up to four months in advance.


Luggage room:
Reserved seats: √


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Lille Europe Train Station

Located close to the main square of Lille, the station is served by TGV, Thalys and Eurostar and also some regional trains. The train station offers free wi-fi, lockers, toilets. It is also possible to get buses, use the subway and go to the airport from there.

Arriving in Lille

As the train station is located in the city center, the transport system works just fine. There are buses, subway lines, and the traveler can also enjoy the city by bike. The train station is only a few subway stops from main shopping areas and tourist attractions.