Comparing to its size the city of Seville can surprise its visitors. A perfect combination of architecture with festivals and Spanish culture is a good way to describe the city.

1. Cathedral and Real Alcázar

The cathedral is the largest one in the world with Gothic architecture and it is where it is located the tomb of Christopher Columbus. The Real Alcázar got its attention for being used as a set for the filming of Game of Thrones.

Address: Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 Sevilla

2. Tower of Gold

The tower was built around 1220 near the river bank and close to the city’s historic center. The tower was a watchover and then as a prison for a period. Today, it’s home to a naval museum.

Address: Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, s/n, 41001 Sevilla

3. Museum of Fine Arts

The building used to be a convent and then turned into a museum in 1852. The museum collection has one of the largest Spanish art collections, having pieces from El Greco and Velazquez, and also local artists such as Luis de Vargas, Juan de Valdes Leal.

Address: Pl. del Museo, 9, 41001 Sevilla

4. Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art

It is a cultural center that has an array of cultural activities happen, such as courses, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and much more. There is also a library with more than 16,000 works about art. The Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art is located where it used to be a monastery.

Address: Avenida Américo Vespucio, 2, 41092 Sevilla

5. Spain Square

The square is located in the middle of Maria Luisa Park and it has a fountain in the middle and it is rounded by a lake and a historic building. The place is worth visiting for its impressive structure. While in there, it is possible to rent a boat, visit the building, and enjoy the Maria Luisa Park.

6. General Archive of the Indies

Located in the city center, the General Archive of the Indies is an institution responsible for holding and protecting documents related to the Spanish colonies. There are permanent and temporary collections to be seen.

Address: Av. de la Constitución, s/n, 41004 Sevilla

7. Metropol Parasol

The building is all made of wood and it is an impressive structure. It is located in the old quarter of the city and it was built in 2011. The place serves its space for a farmers market, a restaurant, a museum, walkways on the rooftop and an open-air public square. The place is also known as “the mushrooms” or “las setas”.

Address: Pl. de la Encarnación, s/n, 41003 Sevilla

8.Pedestrian tours

One of the best ways to get around a new city and explore its treasures at its full charm is definitely walking. Walking tours in Seville can be an interesting way to go around the city’s historic sites and monuments.

9. Triana Neighborhood

Located on the left side of the river and connected to the city by a bridge known as Puente de Triana, the neighborhood is the most bustling quarter of the city. There are small shops, stunning churches, vibrant bars. The place has also the Santa Ana Church, the Inquisition Alley, and the Triana Market as attractions. The waterfront street, Calle Betis, is where bars and restaurants are located.

10. Flamenco Show

Watching a Flamenco Show is a must-do thing on the list of things to do in Seville. The traditional dancing music is contagious. Bars and restaurants host Flamenco show, and it is just a matter of choosing one. Museo del Baile Flamenco is the simplest option or Los Gallos. Bar Flamenco Los Martínez or Peña Torres Macarena


Cafés in Sevilla

Bar el Comercio

Opened in 1994 the place has its special Jamón Iberico (Iberian Cured Ham) and Churros y Chocolate (churros and chocolate). It is classic and it is located in one of the narrow streets of the city.

Address: 9, Calle Lineros.


Manu Jara

Being known for the best cakes and sweets place in the city, the place is a vibrant bakery and its pastries are just unbelievably delicious.

Address: 5, Calle Pureza.

Restaurants in Sevilla


The city’s busiest restaurant nowadays, the Contenedor reinvented Andalucian dishes. The place has great service, reasonable prices and its space has a mix of old and new art in its architecture.

Address: 50 Calle San Luis

El Rinconcillo

The oldest tapas bar in the city. Being in business since around 1670, the place is decorated with colorful tiles, tables are upstairs and a few downstairs.

Address: 40 Calle Gerona