Monte Carlo of Switzerland

Otherwise called the ‘Monte Carlo of Switzerland’ the Lugano Lake will thrill you with its laid-back lifestyle and unrealistic looking scenery. If you wanted to experience a picturesque Italian lake mixed with Swiss mountain views, be prepared to get both of them.

The Lugano Lake’s history

The glacial lake of Lugano is settled on the border between Southern Switzerland and Northern Italy and with its charming and sophisticated appearance attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The lake’s history dates back to the Stone Age since the fossil remains at the bottom of the lake have proven that the lake used to stand to below the sea level. And that’s not all! If you never thought you wouldn’t see palm trees and other subtropical plants-you’re wrong. The Lake of Lugano is in fact very warm although the other parts of the country are famous for a cold Alpine climate.


Things to do in Lugano

There are many beautifull places to see in Lugano. We have selected the must see places in Lugano.

Shopping heaven

Shopping is always a good idea wherever you go. The town of Lugano is, in fact, a famous shopping center of many luxury brand boutiques.


Lake Excursion in Lugano

The Lake of Lugano offers many recreation opportunities because of its perfect geographical position. Daily cruises leave Lugano for trips around the lake or visiting Italy.  The lake also offers water sports such as sailing, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

Visit Museums

The town of Lugano is also famous for many museums and some of them are:

  • The Wilhelm Schmid Museum (the neo-objectivity movement)
  • The Art Museum
  • The Cantonal Museum of Natural History– it offers you to see fossil remains and plants from Canton Ticino.
  • The Museum of Cultures– it exhibits the primitive arts from ancient times.

Enjoy Lugano’s beautiful landscape and cultural monuments

The town of Lugano offers not only a walk by the amazing looking lake but also a beautiful and speechless view of Monte San Salvatore Mountain.

Visiting the church of Santa Maria degli Angioni will certainly provide you an impressive feeling of history. This 16th-century masterpiece of Bernardo Luini is of the Ticino’s most beautiful art treasures.

If you’ve ever wondered what the place where James Bond had his mortal-defying jump in GoldenEye was, the answer is – Valle Verzasca! With its breathtaking emerald green water and Lavertezzo waterfall, it’ll make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.


Cafe’s in Lugano

Panne & Zucchero

Here you’ll have the best Italian Cappucino in Swiss environment. They serve fresh and tasty breakfast at reasonable prices and their Cannolo Italiano will make you always come back.

Viale Castagnola 21, Lugano 6900, Switzerland



Münger café and bakery offers you plenty of tasty, light and fresh desserts. Prices are acceptable, even lower than any restaurant in Lugano that does not reach the quality of Münger. We recommend you to try a Forest fruitcake.

Via Geretta 7, Lugano 6900, Switzerland


Good restaurants for lunch in Lugano

Ristorante le Bucce di Gandria

Maybe you won’t believe us, but this place is a true heaven on Earth. The restaurant provides you one of the most beautiful views to Lugano Lake and Swiss mountains and delicious cooking with local produce. It’s definitely worth a visit

Via Cantonale, 6978 Gandria, Switzerland

Motto del Gallo

The restaurant offers a high standard of local food with fresh ingredients, and the environment is simply amazing! Enjoy your lunch and taste one of the best wine selections!

Via Bicentenario 16, 6807 Taverne, Switzerland

Good restaurants for diner in Lugano

La Fermanta

La Fermanta is definitely the restaurant where you’ll taste a super nice burger. Every burger is prepared in an original and unique way, and we bet you haven’t tried anything like this earlier. Be prepared for a taste explosion.

16, Viale Castagnola, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland


If you prefer minimalistic and a modern designed environment than this is the right place for you! Elementi restaurant is marvelous from all points of view- highly professional staff, very good location and the most important part- tasty food! If you have the opportunity to visit the Lake of Lugano, you can be sure you’ll experience all the parts of living la Dolce Vita.

Via Stauffacher 1, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

If you have the opportunity to visit the Lake of Lugano, you can be sure you’ll experience all the parts of living la Dolce Vita.