Meteora, the miracle that was created by the hand of nature

Meteora, the miracle that was created by the hand of nature. From the first view to the road from Trikala to Kalambaka, the almost unrealistic sight of the “floating stones” leaves everyone speechless. This monastic city carved in 500 meters high walls is after the Month Athos, one of the six most important living monasteries in Greece.

Some history about Meteora

Meteora looks like their tops touch the sky, so it is not surprising that this magnificent place was chosen by the monks for pray and peace. They gave this wonderful landscape a special seal of eternity by building monasteries up in the cliffs, on the tops of the rocks. History “says” that the first priests and monks lived there at the beginning of the 11th century. The most credible theories claim that the walls are 60 million years old and that have been created by depositing stones and muds in the river confluence that was pouring into Telasco Lake in ancient times, which after the geological separation of the mountain masses of Olimp went to the Aegean Sea. Winds, rain, and earthquakes formed walls over 500 meters high. The Greeks referred to them as “meteors” meaning “floating”, “hanging”, or “paradise floating rocks”.

In the 14th century, the first organized monastery community was located on the largest rock called the Great Meteoron. Gradually, on rocky peaks, especially during the Ottoman Empire when this vault was a good shelter from the invaders, other monasteries have been also built. The peak of the monastery community was in the 16th century when there were 24 monasteries with dozens of monks.

Today, most of the monasteries became ruined, but six preserved are the best witnesses about the faith, venture, patience, and creativity. Since 1995, the territory of Meteora has been declared as a “holy place, immutable and inviolable” by the Greek law and the decision of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Things to do in Meteora

There are many beautifull places to see in Meteora. We have selected the must see places in Meteora.

Meteoron Monastery

The most famous of the remaining six monasteries, the Great Meteoron Monastery is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ which was built with the help of Saint Athanasius, Saint Iosap, and King Jovan Uroš Nemanjić. Its construction has started on the highest walls in 1340 when King Jovan Uroš Nemanjić donated his fortune to the monastery. Soon, the Great Meteoron Monastery became the richest and most powerful Meteora’s monastery. Today, the Great Meteoron Monastery owns some of the most beautiful frescoes of Orthodox Christianity.


While you visit Meteora for the landscapes is Kalambaka a nice town nearby to visit for food, culture and little shops. Kalambaka, which means ‘prestigious castle’, is the largest town nearby with a population of 12,000 people. With small shops and typical Greece restaurants is this place visit worthy.


You can make beautiful hiking in Meteora where you use the old paths that cross the area. This way you can view the monasteries as well as the great environment up close. In the valley you walk regularly through small pieces of forest with old oak trees and with a beautiful view over the valley, the village of Kalambaka or on the monasteries. Once you are upstairs, unfortunately you have to walk a bit on the paved road every now and then. Keep in mind that you have to climb and / or descend on every walk.

Sunset Points

High above the monastery of Roussanou is a parking lot and from there you walk to the best viewpoint of Meteora. Here you can watch the sunset in the evening and in the morning the light on the monasteries is also great. A wonderful place to start and end your day in Meteora!

Some guided activities you can book

  • Meteora Sunset Tour
  • Meteora Hiking Tour
  • Meteora Day Trip from Athens by Train
  • Hiking and Scamble tour of Great Saint
  • Meteora Train to Train Tour

You can book the guided activities at the tourist website from Meteora

Cafe’s in Meteora

Mikel Coffee Company Kalampaka

Good coffee to stop by and has airconditioning and enough place to sit outside and inside (they have wifi). Good service, delicious donuts and decent prices.

Trikalon 25, Kalampaka 422 00, Greece


Cafe Elysee

Good coffee and also alcoholic drinks. The boss is very attentive and good advice for walks in Meteora. You have a nice view of the entire city center.

Plateia Riga Feraiou, Kalambaka 42200, Greece

Good restaurants for lunch in Meteora

Valia Calda Restaurant

The restaurant has not been around for very long, but it is wonderfully good and tasty. Local dishes with a strong taste made with old recipes from the neighborhood. We would not be surprised if the monks and nuns of Meteora occasionally leave their high mountain monasteries to be able to eat here secretly. The service was excellent and friendly.

Trikalon 91, Kalambaka 42200, Greece


Elias’ Garden Restaurant Tavern

A nice spacious garden where you can eat. The card is not large but offers sufficient choice. Tific prices and a very friendly service that added a dose of humor to the ministry. The Cleypot is recommended.

Trikalon 149, Kalambaka 42200, Greece


Good restaurants for diner in Meteora

Meteoron Panorama

A cozy restaurant just next to one of the meteor rocks. With the lighting in the evening it is really fairytale. The food is tasty but fairly ordinary with simple, pure ingredients. The service is friendly. Beautiful view of the rocks of Meteora.

Patriarchou Dimitriou 54, Kalampaka 422 00, Griekenland



The restaurant is in a beautiful location in the mountains near Kalambaka. They have traditional Greek dishes that were local, freshly prepared and tasty. The owner was so friendly and helpful and gave us many great tips and suggestions for our trip (such as stopping at Ionnina to see the lake and the castle).

Loanninon, Kalambaka 422 00, Greece

There’s no doubt that Meteora is a wonderful and almost unrealistic piece of nature and God. No matter how you’re afraid of height, people who have visited Meteora say that all fears disappear in the pursuit of spiritual peace. Meteora is certainly one of the most respected holy places of Christianity and will definitely provide you with a true feeling of repentance and calmness!